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Council Listened, Legalities Outlined & Citizens were Heard at Cities Listening Session

Grants Pass City Manager Aaron Cubic began the City Council listening session with an outline of the legal situation the city still faces following the Supreme Court Decisions that overturned the 9th Circuit Court ruling forcing the city to allow camping in all city parks save one.

He announced the Council would be taking no action during the meeting and the first revelation was that the city is still subject to the 9th Circuit’s injunction until it is lifted, likely within 90 days.

The city remains under federal, state and local law that basically defines time place and manner regulations affecting homelessness. Oregon House Bill 3115 stipulates cities regulate resting in places and on public property and campers may be moved only with 72 hours’ notice.

Oregon House Bill 3124 states designated campgrounds must be safe and sanitary with proper rest room facilities and public safety.

The city asked attendees to electronically vote their preference for which parks should be designated as campgrounds. The four, in order of preference were Baker park, Tussing Park, Redwood Park and Eckstein park. Then attendees were asked which parks camping should not be allowed. Those four, in order of preference, were Reinhart Volunteer Park, Riverside, Lawnridge and Morrison Park.

The attendees were allowed 90 seconds each to address the Council. Over 30 utilized the opportunity, most were angry and wanted immediate action.
Posted on 7/10/24 7:28PM by Chuck Benson