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Tom Ray

Production / Announcer

On-Air: 5:30AM-10AM (Mon-Fri), 6AM-10AM (Saturday)

I was born October 3rd, 1957 in Spokane, Washington. Shortly thereafter my family moved to the naval and air base at Adak, Alaska. As I grew through my younger years, life consisted of sledding & building snow forts in the winter, then beach combing and bicycling when the snow went away. One thing I always had was music. My radio, a hi-fi and portable phonograph, along with a lot of LPs and 45s. I hit the biggest city in Alaska just before my 10th birthday, grew up, pursued passions and fell in love a thousand times before leaving about 19 years later.

It was late 1986 when I left Anchorage to become the executive director of the Grants Pass Boys and Girls club. As life went on I had children of my own. My two boys fell in love with the game of football and I became an announcer for their youth league. Through the Job Council I received a referral to Grants Pass Broadcasting. As I sat down for a "field interview" with Don Monette, it was apparent we both shared a love of music and a gift of gab. With the approval of Big Jim (our founder) and brutally honest voice and diction coach, I joined the family as an intern in October of 2002.

The rest, as they say, is history...

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