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May 2024 Showed 1.5% Annual Increase in Number of Calls for GP Fire & Rescue

May was a busy month for Grants Pass Fire & Rescue. With its normal fare of emergency medical service, motor vehicle accidents and fires, the agency saw a 1.5% increase of activity in May of this year compared to May 2023.

According to information provided by Grants Pass City Manager Aaron Cubic, Grants Pass firefighters and paramedics responded to 27 motor vehicle accidents, 16 fires and 10 drug overdoses last month.

There was a total of 461 calls answered by Grants Pass & Rescue in May. They also included 149 for emergency medical service, 73 for lift assists, 30 for assists to the public, 29 for rescue situations and six for assists to other agencies.

Events of note last month included the Wildland Readiness Exercise in Merlin where over 50 firefighters participated in wildland fire drills over three days. There was a three-alarm fire in Josephine County that required a recall of off-duty crews. During Boatnik, firefighters staffed as fireworks standby, bicycle medic teams and parade operations.

The total number of calls for service through May of this year was 2,114.

Extensive training helps keep Grants Pass firefighters ready for responses. In May alone, the agency recorded a total of 465 training hours.
Posted on 6/20/24 6:40AM by Sam Marsh