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GP Police Jail 3 for Weapons Charges in Separate Incidents.

The Grants Pass City Police jailed three individuals on weapons charges over the weekend in separate incidents.

Saturday afternoon at 3:36 Police were notified of two shop lifters detained at Walmart. The suspects were cooperative however a 33-year-old woman was arrested and lodged in jail for the theft amounting to $33.96. On being searched incident to the arrest the woman was found to have a concealed firearm without a permit. She is facing charges of theft III and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Just before 7 p.m. due to multiple calls, Police were alerted to a man in front of the Josephine County Courthouse pointing a firearm at oncoming traffic. Units arrived, deployed a contact team and took the 47-year-old man into custody without incident and recovered a “replica” firearm, later logged into evidence. The man was jailed on charges of menacing/intimidation and disorderly conduct II. It was the suspects 6th incarceration since September.

Later that evening, at approximately 8:23 p.m., a 911 caller reported a suspected verbal altercation between a male and female in the 600 block of 7th street. Responding officers contacted the man walking away from the incident towards the High School. The 36-year-old man was determined to be a convicted felon and found to be in possession of two daggers and a baton that, with centrifugal force, could open to 24 inches. He was lodged in jail on a charge of being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon and carrying concealed.

All three arrestees remained in custody Sunday.
Posted on 6/3/24 5:04AM by Chuck Benson