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Special Districts Association Covers Library Legal Fees for Appeal of BCC Ruling

The Special Districts Association of Oregon has agreed to cover legal fees of more than $14,000 that were incurred in litigation between the Josephine Community Library District and Josephine County Board of Commissioners.

On December 6, 2023, the Board of Commissioners voted 2-to-1 to allow residents Mike & Winnie Pelfrey to opt out of the library district and no longer pay taxes to support library services.

Immediately after, the Josephine Community Library District Board of Directors voted to appeal the ruling to both preserve the integrity of the 2017 library district election and to seek judgement from a higher court on the Commissioners' ruling.

As a result, the library district contracted with the law firm Hornecker Cowling, LLP, to appeal the decision through the courts.

In March, the Board of Commissioners conceded to a stipulation and rescinded their ruling to allow the Pelfreys to withdraw from the library district.

In addition to support from the Special Districts Association, library supporters donated $1,695 to the Josephine Community Library Foundation toward total legal expenses of $15,905.

Library officials said contributions from the organization and donors ensure responsible financial stewardship of resources for the district to taxpayers.
Posted on 5/16/24 6:26AM by Sam Marsh