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Board Adopted Four Ordinances to Make Needed Changes to Josephine County Code

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The Board of Commissioners on Wednesday adopted four ordinances that made some necessary alterations to the Josephine County Code.

Following public hearings on the second readings of the ordinances, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the changes involving the Southern Oregon Library Information System (SOLIS), Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS), Public Works Revolving Fund and Law Library.

Assistant Legal Counsel Leah Harper testified that SOLIS was adopted in 1999 as a library network connection for Josephine, Jackson and Klamath counties -- but since Josephine Community Library District is no longer run by the County, it is being repealed. The chapter on LEDS was created in 2002 for Human Resources (HR) to conduct background checks on employees and volunteers, but HR is now using a third-party system and no longer needs LEDS. It is also being repealed.

Harper testified that Public Works Revolving Fund was established in 1991 to administer state funding for road maintenance and repairs, but it was closed about 20 years ago and is being repealed. A chapter on the Law Library was amended to offer more flexible hours for legal staff and the public. The Law Library will stay open as long as the state continues to fund its operation.

Under Public Comments, the Board heard from citizens who are opposed to the Charter Amendment and Animal Shelter Levy on the May 21st election ballot, one man who criticized the Commissioners for recently firing the Board Secretary and three people who claim that around 250 well-known "liberals" changed their party affiliations to Republican before the deadline in order to tamper with the election.
Posted on 5/16/24 5:59AM by Sam Marsh