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BCC Approves Library Annexations and First Readings of Code Amendments

The Board of Commissioners this morning approved the annexations of seven properties into the Josephine Community Library District along with the first readings of four ordinances that would amend the Josephine County Code.

The Board unanimously approved the library annexations requested by landowners following a public hearing. Six of the properties are in the Grants Pass area and one is in Williams. The library district increased in size by more than 43 acres.

The Commissioners okayed the first readings of ordinances that would change the County Code, with the second readings and final approvals set for May 15th. Vice Chair Herman Baertschiger said the amendments are housekeeping items aimed at removing unneeded ordinances from the Code document.

Assistant Legal Counsel Leah Harper said the ordinance relating to the Southern Oregon Library Information System needs to be repealed because the County no longer operates the library and the ordinance relating to the Law Enforcement Data System also needs to be repealed because Human Resources no longer uses it for criminal background checks. The ordinance pertaining to the Law Library needs to be amended to reflect after-hours access to certified personnel and more flexible hours for public use. The 1981 Public Works Revolving Fund has been closed.

Under Requests and Comments from Citizens, the Board heard from several people who had complaints about the proposed sale of The Flying Lark to River Valley Community Church, related complaints about the lack of local economic development, support for recently fired Board Secretary Trish House and a Williams resident who is opposed the sale of the Pipe Fork timber property.

As part of the Consent Calendar, the Board appointed Tom Hilton to a four-year term on the Parks Advisory Board.
Posted on 5/1/24 11:55AM by Sam Marsh