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Hidden Valley High School Students Witness Graphic Results of DUII Crash Simulation

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Hidden Valley High School students were witnesses to the graphic reality of a two-vehicle crash simulation as part of the national "Every 15 Minutes" campaign on Wednesday.

The simulation was staged on the track in front of the grandstands, where students experienced a realistic perspective of what can happen as a result of impaired or distracted driving.

As the students watched in silence, several kids were packaged and transported to hospitals and one was transported to the morgue. A student "driver" who survived was taken to jail due to "a high level of impairment."

Rural Metro Fire Department officials said this message of prevention comes as students are preparing for their prom and the end of the school year. They said it's everyone's wish that they all make good decisions while having fun.

Officials said families should have serious conversations regarding the dangers of driving impaired or being a passenger with someone who might be impaired.

To learn more about the program, visit "every15minutes.com."
Posted on 4/11/24 5:53AM by Sam Marsh