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Board Unanimously Approves Several Adjustments to Josephine County Code

The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved several adjustments to the Josephine County Code following five brief public hearings this morning.

The Board approved the first readings of four ordinances repealing chapters related to the Urban Area Planning Commission, the Jackson-Josephine Regional Board, Jefferson Behavioral Health and the Job Council. There was no public comment.

Assistant County Legal Counsel Leah Harper testified that the City of Grants Pass now makes all appointments to the UAPC, the two-county Regional Board has not existed since 2009, Jefferson Behavioral Health was disbanded in 2012 and the Job Council was dissolved in 2014.

The Board also approved the first reading of an ordinance that amends the Code related to the local Solid Waste Agency. Harper testified the agency was created in 2001 by Josephine County and the City of Grants Pass. She said the City of Cave Junction has joined what is now called the Josephine County Solid Waste Agency.

The second readings and approvals of all five ordinances are scheduled for April 17th.

The Commissioners heard citizen comments that included law enforcement and school board complaints, a complaint that the Grants Pass City Council had canceled tonight's regular meeting, multiple complaints about excessive noise outside the auditorium and an announcement regarding the April 27th Patriots Conference at the Josephine County Fairgrounds.
Posted on 4/3/24 11:32AM by Sam Marsh