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Deputies Arrested Woman for Causing Disturbance at Moon Mountain RV Resort

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office arrested an older woman this week for causing a disturbance at a trailer park located just east of Grants Pass.

According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to the reported incident at Moon Mountain RV Resort on Pearce Park Road early Thursday morning.

Deputies said several people called 9-1-1 after a 75-year-old woman started yelling and screaming outside their RVs. One caller reported the woman was throwing rocks at his trailer, but there was no property damage. Another caller stated it was an ongoing problem and that the woman had frightened his young daughter.

Responding deputies contacted the woman and placed her into custody after she refused to calm down. The reason for her frequent outbursts was not disclosed.

The suspect was transported to the Josephine County Jail where she was booked for Disorderly Conduct. She was being held without bail.
Posted on 3/16/24 4:35AM by Chuck Benson