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BCC Scheduled to Hold 3 Public Hearings at Wednesday Business Session

The Josephine County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to hold three public hearings during its weekly business session tomorrow.

The first public hearing is on an ordinance related to meetings of the Board of Commissioners, the second hearing is on an ordinance related to the Finance Department and the third hearing is related to the Unified Board of Appeals.

All the hearings are on first readings of the ordinances, with the second readings and possible adoptions tentatively set for March 20th.

Under Administrative Actions, the Board will consider approval of certification of the Ambulance Service Plan for Josephine County including incidents involving mass casualties.

As part of the Consent Calendar, the Commissioners are expected to approve a personnel policy revision regarding the Elected Officials Compensation Plan.

Wednesday's public meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the Anne G. Basker Auditorium.
Posted on 3/5/24 11:15AM by Sam Marsh