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Josephine County Sheriff Warning Residents about Familar Scam Activity

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office has received several recent complaints regarding a familiar scam.

Sheriff's officials said citizens are being called by an individual who claims to work for the Sheriff's Office, demanding they discuss a legal matter with them.

Variations include having an outstanding warrant, missing jury duty or citations that will be escalated if they are not taken care of immediately. The callback phone number displayed on caller IDs appears to be "spoofed," which means scammers can make a different phone number show up that isn't the one they're calling from.

Typically, these scammers will demand some sort of payment over the phone, through an app or by purchasing gift cards. Officials say law enforcement does not operate in this fashion.

As with any of these types of scams, it's always a good idea to just hang up and not provide any personal information over the phone. If you think it could be legit, search for the business's phone number yourself and call to verify any information that was relayed to you.

Please take the time to share this with your family and friends, especially those who are not on social media.
Posted on 3/1/24 6:19AM by Sam Marsh