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District 3 State Representative Yunker Issues Statement on Measure 110 Proposal

House District 3 State Representative Dwayne Yunker has issued a statement on reports of a deal on the restructuring of Measure 110.

The Josephine County Republican started the statement by saying "accountability is the first step toward a safer and healthier Oregon."

Yunker said he and his House Republican colleagues are committed to supporting a bill that reclassifies the possession of deadly drugs -- such as fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine -- as a Class A misdemeanor, with optional pre-trial booking diversion. He said the safety and health of his constituents are at stake.

In House District 3, there were five murders and 15 overdose deaths last year -- up from two murders and one overdose death in 2020.

Yunker added that he will needed to see a final draft to ensure it aligns with his commitment before he agrees to any deal.

According to Yunker, the Oregon Democrats who announced the deal this week have taken thousands of dollars from the out-of-state activist group Drug Policy Alliance. He said they are the group that pushed what he called "the Measure 110 disaster."
Posted on 2/24/24 5:21AM by Chuck Benson