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Three Rivers District Touts Outstanding High School Graduation Rates for Classes of 2023

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The Three Rivers School District has announced remarkable graduation rates achieved by the Class of 2023. This was the first class of graduates that made it completely through the pandemic, marking a significant accomplishment.

While the ultimate goal remains a 100% graduation rate, Three Rivers takes pride in surpassing the statewide average of 81.3%.

The four-year graduation rates for 2023 were 95.2% at Illinois Valley High School, 90.3% at North Valley High School and 84.3% at Hidden Valley High School. The district's alternative school -- Southern Oregon Success Academy -- increased its completer rate that includes GEDs to 47.27% from just 2% two years ago.

Three Rivers Superintendent Dave Valenzuela said this accomplishment reflects the dedication and hard work of the students, educators and administrators in the school district. He added that the district made substantial progress despite the challenges of the pandemic.

In a school district spanning over 1,200 square miles, Valenzuela said Three Rivers has shown resilience in providing education to students with diverse needs. He said the district provides bus transportation of over 10,000 miles each school day and it serves students facing limited internet connectivity, economic stability and housing security.

The Three Rivers School District extends its gratitude to the school board, teachers, staff and parents for their unwavering support while contributing to the success of students navigating through the challenges of their academic journey.
Posted on 1/26/24 5:56AM by Sam Marsh