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$30 Million in 2024 Local Government Program Grants Available from OR Parks & Recreation

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The Local Government Grant Program (LGGP) has $30 million in grant funds available in 2024 to help local government agencies in Oregon fund everything from playground equipment and restrooms to splash pads and bicycle paths.

This is more than double the amount available last year and the most ever available in one grant cycle.

The LGGP is a competitive grant program designed to help local government agencies fund projects to acquire, develop and rehabilitate parks and public outdoor areas and facilities. Eligible applicants are cities, counties, metropolitan service districts, park and recreation districts, and port districts.

The lottery-funded grant program is administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD). The program has awarded more than $90 million in reimbursement grant funds since 1999.

The maximum awards range from $50,000 for planning grants to $1 million for large projects. The large grant application deadline is April 1st, while the small grant application deadline is May 1st and the planning grant application deadline is May 15th.

Learn more about applying for the grants at a "live" online workshop bneing held from 9 to 10:30 a.m. February 6th. The workshop will help new and returning applicants navigate the application process and learn about the program. Register at "oregon.gov/oprd/GRA/pages/GRA-lggp."

A workshop recording will be available after February 6th at "oprdgrants.org."

Local governments can apply online at "oprdgrants.org."
Posted on 1/12/24 6:14AM by Sam Marsh