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Pacific Power Prepared to Respond to Weather-Related Outages Due to Storm

Pacific Power is monitoring the winter storm that has arrived in the Pacific Northwest regions of Oregon, California and Washington, and the utility's crews are prepared to respond to weather-related outages.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect through Wednesday afternoon. The weather forecast calls for strong winds that could result in electrical outages through early Wednesday morning.

Pacific Power encourages customers to always be prepared for outages and the utility supports emergency management organizations, recommending residents have an emergency plan for up to 72 hours without essential services.

There are some simple steps customers can take to prepare and be informed. They include updating your contact information so they can reach you; signing up to receive outage alerts by text, e-mail or phone; restocking your outage kit; keeping mobile devices charged so they may be used in an emergency; and tracking outages and more with their free app.

Text OUT to 722797 to report your outage or STAT to check status. Call 9-1-1 and report the outage to Pacific Power at 1-(877)-508-5088.

Visit "pacificpower.net/outages" for electrical service restoration estimates.
Posted on 1/9/24 6:17AM by Sam Marsh