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GP Police Arrested Man for Suspended Driving after He Pushed Car to SE 8th

Is pushing a vehicle while suspended the same as driving a vehicle while suspended? That's the question someone will have to answer after Grants Pass Police made an arrest late last week.

The Police Department reports officers contacted 56-year-old Scott Adams at the south end of SE 8th Street on Friday at 5:46 p.m..

Police said Adams advised them that he had pushed his vehicle to that location and became stuck in potholes in the road. He told them he had pushed his vehicle from L Street before it became stuck and added that he has been living in the vehicle.

A routine records check revealed that Adams had a suspended driver's license. He was advised of his Miranda rights and asked for an attorney. He was cited to appear in court for Driving While Suspended and released.

Adams' vehicle was pushed to the curb with strict instructions that he is not to operate it in the future. He was told that he must have someone else move his home-on-wheels because driving it is a crime.
Posted on 1/8/24 6:12AM by Sam Marsh