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Parkway Traffic Jumper Jailed for Disorderly Conduct

Jumping in front of moving traffic on the Grants Pass Parkway is not wise, particularly if you jump in front of a Josephine County Deputy

A local man was jailed Tuesday night after creating a traffic hazard by jumping in front of vehicles on the Grants Pass Parkway, including a Sheriff’s Deputy.

At approximately 9:44 Tuesday night a Josephine County Deputy was outbound on the Parkway near ‘M’ Street and observed a man on the side of the road, As the Deputy drove closer, traveling at about 45 miles per hour, the man jumped in front of the Deputy’s vehicle.

The Deputy was able to slow enough to miss the man, identified as 43-year-old Robert Michael Musella, As the Deputy was stopping Musella proceeded to jump in front of another vehicle on the opposite side of the Parkway.

The Deputy arrested Musella and lodged him in the Josephine County Jail on disorderly conduct charges.

Musella, who is flagged as hostile to law enforcement, was arrested on November 19th for criminal trespass in the 2nd Degree.
Posted on 12/28/23 4:37AM by Chuck Benson