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BCC Continues Public Hearing on Library Withdrawal Requests until Next Week

The Josephine County Board of Commissioners has continued a public hearing on four requests for withdrawal from the local library district until next week. After pausing the hearing to consult with Legal Counsel, the Board voted 3-0 to continue the hearing until next Wednesday morning.

During public testimony today, all four petitioners testified that the Josephine Community Library District does not serve or benefit their properties. They were identified as the Bertsch, MacDonald, Millard and Marshall families.

JCLD Board President Rachele Selvig cited Oregon Revised Statutes when she testified that the library district opposes the Board's approval of the withdrawals, which started last week with a request made by the Mike & Winnie Pelfrey Trust. She named the numerous services provided by the library district and stated the burden of proof to remove properties from the district lies with the petitioners.

Selvig argued that Board approval of library withdrawal requests sets a precedent that will affect all service districts in the state. She added that library services are a fundamental component of community infrastructure and the services are available to all property owners in the district that was approved by voters in 2017.

Following public testimony, Board Chair Herman Baertschiger paused the hearing to consult with Legal Counsel and the Board voted unanimously to continue it until next week. Baertschiger said they will work to answer questions that were brought up during the proceedings.

As part of the Consent Calendar, the Commissioners voted to approve a plat map for the Sylvan Heights Subdivision.
Posted on 12/13/23 11:26AM by Sam Marsh