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GP City Streets Staff Busy Responding to Citizen and Motorist Hazard Calls

Grants Pass Streets Division staff have been busy with a variety of tasks comprised of responding to citizen and motorist complaints of hazards.

These include sidewalk trip hazards, vision clearance hazards at intersections, repairing and replacing signage, painting curbs and crosswalks, filling potholes, and trimming vegetation from right of ways and alleys.

Sidewalk trip hazards are particularly troublesome as they can easily result in injuries and require coordination with adjacent property owners to make repairs. Consistent with city code, it is ultimately the property owner's responsibility to repair heaved or damaged sidewalks.

In order to aid in the process, the city has a program available where 50% of the costs can be reimbursed if the requirements of the program are met.

For more information about the hazardous sidewalk repair program, visit the city's web page at "grantspassoregon.gov" and search for "sidewalk hazard."
Posted on 12/12/23 6:14AM by Sam Marsh