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GP Police Evicted 3 Campers from 2 City Parks during Daily Patrol Checks

Grants Pass Police evicted three campers from two city parks during patrols performed early yesterday.

During a patrol check at Baker Park, Derek Hood and Maria Guerrero were cited for Scattering Rubbish and Misuse of Park Open Spaces. Both were trespassed from the park for 30 days.

Officers said a camper identified as "Cummings" had two tents at the park and advised he was getting rid of one of them. Two campers identified as "Pitts" and "Jensen" had trash and items outside their tent and they were warned to clean up the mess. A camper identified as "Hills" also had trash outside her tent and she was given one hour to clean it up. A shopping cart was returned to a local store.

During a patrol check at Riverside Park, Patrick Gaither was cited for Misuse of Park Open Spaces and Alcohol in a Park. He was given a 30-day exclusion from the park. A woman identified as "Diana Reynolds" was advised that some of her property had been logged into safekeeping during a recent arrest.
Posted on 12/7/23 11:03AM by Sam Marsh