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Deputies Jailed Felon for Parole Violation after Merlin Supermarket Disturbance

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office jailed a man for violating his post-prison supervision following a weekend disturbance at a Merlin area supermarket.

The Sheriff's Office reports deputies arrested 29-year-old Dustin Michael Fontana for the incident at Ray's Food Place on Saturday shortly after 6 a.m..

Deputies said they contacted Fontana and determined he was under the influence of a narcotic stimulant, most likely methamphetamine. They said he was found to be in possession of a fiberglass stick approximately three feet long as well as what appeared to be a meth pipe.

Supermarket workers reported that Fontana was making threats toward people and swinging the green plastic stick around. The suspect alarmed employees by hitting shopping carts near the store entrance. One worker had to be escorted into the store by another to avoid any interaction with and/or getting struck by the suspect.

Dustin Fontana was placed into custody and transported to the Josephine County Jail where he was lodged for Felony Parole Violation related to past convictions for Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle, Disorderly Conduct and Furnishing False Information to Police. He was being held on a no-bail detainer.
Posted on 11/13/23 10:57AM by Sam Marsh