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GP School Resource Officer Loses Challenge (and Hair) to Middle School Football Team

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Grants Pass School Resource Officer Ken Frownfelter challenged the South Middle School football team at the beginning of the season and the Trojans answered the challenge.

Officer Frownfelter told the team that if they went undefeated this year, he would let them shave his head. He admitted that he didn't think he would have to pay up, but he was wrong.

The football team went undefeated and at a South Middle School assembly this week, Frownfelter kept his promise by letting team members shave his head in front of the entire student body.

With winter approaching, it's not exactly the warmest hairstyle for Frownfelter. However, he said it's important to live up to your word and everyone had fun.
Posted on 11/2/23 5:11AM by Sam Marsh