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Jackson County Sheriff Seeks to Identify May 12th Attempted Burglary Suspects
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is attempting to identify two suspects who tried to break into a vacant home in the Applegate area last month. Sheriff's Office Community Service deputies are seeking the identities of male and female suspects who trespassed on a for-sale property on May 12th. Videos and photos of the suspects are available on the Jackson County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. Deputies said the suspects are wanted for Attempted Burglary, Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespass.
Posted on 6/12/23 5:34AM by Chuck Benson

Federal Jury Indicts Southern Oregon Man after Booby-Trap Hurts Bomb Tech
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A federal jury in Medford has found a Josephine County man guilty of multiple crimes resulting from his booby-trapping of a home that injured an FBI bomb technician. According to the US Attorney's Office for the District of Oregon, 71-year-old Gregory Lee Rodvelt -- a former resident of Williams -- was found guilty of Assaulting a Federal Officer as well as Discharging a Firearm During a Crime of Violence. On September 7, 2018, court documents show bomb technicians from the Oregon State Police and FBI went to a property formerly owned by Rodvelt that he had lost in a lawsuit. After Rodvelt learned that a receiver had been appointed to sell the property, he proceeded to booby-trap it. When the bomb technicians arrived at the property, they observed a minivan blocking the gate along with steel animal traps affixed to a gate post and under the hood of the minivan. They also located homemade spike strips, which the receiver had previously run over. As the technicians neared the residence, they observed a hot tub that had been placed on its side and rigged in a manner that when a gate was opened it would activate a mechanical trigger, causing the spa to roll toward the person who had opened the gate. The technicians further discovered that the windows of the home had been barred from the inside and there were security doors at the front and rear of the residence. An explosive charge was used to breach the front door and the group carefully entered the home looking for traps. They found a wheelchair in the center of the entryway. When the wheelchair was bumped, it triggered a homemade shotgun device that discharged and struck the FBI bomb technician below the knee. The group administered first aid to the wounded man and took him to a local hospital.
Posted on 6/12/23 5:31AM by Chuck Benson

Medford P.D. Investigate Shooting at East Medford Park
The Medford Police Department is investigating a shooting that took place in a Medford Park Saturday morning. Police responded at 1:20 a.m. to report of shots fired in the area of Cedar Links Park in east Medford. Multiple neighbors called in the disturbance and police located multiple involved subjects and learned that one victim had been transported by private party to a local hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Detectives responded and have been working the case throughout the weekend and are working to identify suspects and track down witnesses and involved vehicles. Police are aware of multiple photos, videos and narratives that are being shared via social media but, at this time, are not releasing video or photos of the incident.
Posted on 6/12/23 4:45AM by Chuck Benson

Couple Foiled after Theft Attempt from Winco
Grants Pass City Police were dispatched to Winco Saturday night at 10:04 to investigate a reported theft. Officers contacted Shyla Cornwell-Isaacs, 32, who was in loss prevention custody. She stated she and her boyfriend, Taylor Fox, came from Rogue River to purchase dog food and said she had no funds and thought Taylor was going to pay. Shyla left the store before Taylor and was detained by loss prevention. Taylor left a cart full of products and fled before officers arrived. Shyla was in possession of $63.27 worth of merchandise. Fox left behind $318.71 before fleeing.
Posted on 6/12/23 4:43AM by Chuck Benson
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GP Officers Site & Arrest Parole Violator
Grants Pass Police officers observed a 47-year-old man and were aware he was wanted on a serviceable, no bail, felony parole board warrant.

Officers saw John Youngbar while he was walking along Highway 238 towards O’Aces Saturday night at 10:31 and made contact with the felon in the O’Aces parking lot without incident.

Youngbar’s identity and the warrant were confirmed, and he was taken into custody, transported to the Josephine County Jail and lodge
Posted on 6/12/23 4:41AM by Chuck Benson
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GP Police Snared Woman for WinCo Theft and Man Linked to Recent Heists
Grants Pass Police arrested a woman for shoplifting at a local supermarket last week and the man she was with may be linked to several recent theft cases. The Police Department reports officers responded to a theft complaint involving 33-year-old Brittany Marie Marty at WinCo Foods on NE Terry Lane around 6:30 p.m. Friday. Police said Marty passed all points of sale with a shopping cart full of items such as a cooler, batteries, deli meat, Gatorade, water, tea and ice. Value of the stolen items was estimated to be more than $200. Loss prevention followed the suspect to the parking lot where she was loading the items into a recreational vehicle with a man they identified as "Shaun Gee." Brittany Marty was placed into custody and lodged at the Josephine County Jail for 2nd-Degree Theft. She was trespassed from WinCo Foods and the stolen items were returned to the sto
Posted on 6/12/23 4:39AM by Chuck Benson
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GP Police Jailed Man on Jackson County Felony Warrant after Downtown Contact
Grants Pass Police jailed a man on a local felony warrant after a weekend contact in the downtown area.
The Police Department reports officers observed 52-year-old Bruce Alan Peterson walking near the intersection of SE M and N streets at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday. Police said Peterson was familiar to them, so they contacted him and discovered that he was wanted on a Jackson County felony warrant for Probation Violation related to a recent arrest for Methamphetamine Possession.
Posted on 6/12/23 4:38AM by Chuck Benson
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Two Campers Trespassed from GP Park following City Ordinance Violations
Two city park campers were looking for a new place to stay after they were cited by Grants Pass Police late last week. According to the Police Department, officers responded to a disturbance at Debo Park on SW G Street on Friday at about 11:15 p.m.. Police said they contacted 56-year-old Rose Fernandez after a verbal disagreement over a stolen tent. It was discovered that the woman took the tent as well as a large amount of trash from a dumpster at the Dutch Bros headquarters and she scattered it all around the small downtown park. She was screaming at other involved parties and refused to stop yelling when asked to do so. Meanwhile, police said 61-year-old Tonya Linker also started yelling and she, too, had trash scattered around her tent. She advised officers that the garbage belonged to other occupants in the park
Posted on 6/12/23 4:36AM by Chuck Benson
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JMET Jailed Suspected Member of Drug Trafficking Organization in Pot Bust
The Josephine Marijuana Enforcement Team (JMET) made three arrests while taking down two illegal marijuana growing operations late last month. The Josephine County Sheriff's Office reports JMET -- assisted by Josephine County Public Health & Building Safety -- served writs of eviction on two unidentified properties on May 22nd and May 25th. During execution of the writs, more than 3,900 marijuana plants were seized and destroyed from both properties. In addition, both properties had multiple electrical, water and solid waste code violations. While detectives were on scene, two individuals were discovered to have unrelated warrants. The unidentified men were arrested and lodged at the Josephine County Jail. Another individual was detained and questioned at the time of the evictions. After further investigation, the individual was found to be using a fictitious name and is believed to be a member of a transnational drug trafficking organization. A 2020 investigation involving state and federal agencies identified the individual as 42-year-old Rogelio Alcazar-Tapia. He was jailed for Unlawful Manufacture, Possession and Delivery of Marijuana, but posted bail May 26th and was released.
Posted on 6/10/23 6:27AM by Sam Marsh
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Multiple Agencies Helped GP Police by Capturing Elude Suspect in City of RR
Multiple law enforcement agencies assisted the Grants Pass Police Department in tracking down an eluding suspect in the City of Rogue River this week. Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon notified the Jackson County Sheriff's Office that Grants Pass Police and the Oregon State Police were involved in an elude incident on southbound Interstate 5 near Exit 48 on Thursday night. The pursuit was initiated by GPPD and the agency had probable cause to arrest the man for Felony Eluding and Reckless Driving. The vehicle stopped in the middle of the Exit 48 off-ramp and the suspect fled toward the Depot Street Bridge. Rogue River police officers and Josephine County sheriff's deputies spotted the man jumping into the Rogue River in an attempt to get away. The suspect swam across the river and tried to conceal himself in brush on an extremely steep embankment. There was no way to get to the suspect on foot. A Jackson County marine unit and two Medford Police Department K-9 officers responded. Deputies and a K-9 officer boarded the boat and contacted the man, who was later identified as 34-year-old William Allen Tweet of Grants Pass. The suspect cooperated once he saw the boat and K-9 pull up five feet below him. Tweet was taken into custody without further incident and was found to be wanted on an Oregon State Parole Board warrant for his arrest. Jackson County sheriff's detectives assisted GPPD by transporting Tweet to the Josephine County Jail.
Posted on 6/10/23 6:26AM by Sam Marsh
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Jackson County Marine Deputies Rescued Men after Mishap on Rogue River
Jackson County marine deputies rescued two men following a boating accident on the Rogue River last weekend. Late Sunday afternoon, the men were attempting to float down the river on a hard-plastic canoe and became stranded on an island north of Dodge Bridge in the Eagle Point area. Crews from Jackson County Fire District #3 assisted the marine deputies with the rescue. The men were not injured during the incident. Although the men were using the wrong type of vessel for whitewater, marine deputies said they were fortunate to be wearing life jackets. Deputies said this rescue should serve as a reminder to always wear a life jacket and make sure the watercraft you are using is suitable for current river conditions.
Posted on 6/10/23 6:24AM by Sam Marsh
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Charges Referred to DA against Campers Who Tried to Make Baby Deer a Pet
Potential charges against some Illinois Valley campers have been referred to the Josephine County District Attorney's Office after they took a baby deer they found and tried to keep it as a pet. The Oregon State Police Fish and Game Division reports the incident happened last weekend at the Lone Mountain RV Resort near O'Brien. It was unclear in the OSP report just how the agency was made aware of the illegal wild animal adoption attempt. After further investigation, officers said the baby deer was relocated to a safe area near where it was found. According to OSP, a 39-year-old O'Brien man was counseled on the unlawful incident and possible charges were referred to the DA.
Posted on 6/10/23 6:12AM by Sam Marsh
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