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GP Police Incarcerated Man for Felony Driving Violation in Downtown Area
Grants Pass Police incarcerated a man for a felony driving violation after a traffic stop in the downtown area late yesterday. The Police Department reports officers pulled over a Honda Pilot driven by 41-year-old Philip Daniel Krogstad near the corner of NE E and 7th streets around 5:10 p.m. Wednesday. Police said they stopped Krogstad for speeding, his driving privileges had been suspended and he was not driving for an emergent reason. He was placed into custody and lodged in jail for Felony Driving While Suspended and the resulting Felony Parole Violation. He was also warned for Speeding. Philip Krogstad was being held on a no-bail detainer. An officer remained on scene for a licensed driver to arrive and move the vehicle.
Posted on 7/6/23 11:34AM by Sam Marsh

GP Police Nabbed Motorist for DUII after Trespassing Call from Ex-Girlfriend
Grants Pass Police arrested a motorist for impaired driving last night following a trespassing complaint at a southwest residence occupied by his ex-girlfriend. According to the Police Department, officers pulled over a Subaru Forester driven by 38-year-old Jason Lee Martin near the corner of West Park Street and Lewis Avenue on Wednesday around 10 p.m.. Police said a female resident in the 900-block of SW Bridge Street called 9-1-1 to report her ex-boyfriend was pounding on her door and it appeared that he had been drinking. The caller told dispatchers her ex was upset about the failed relationship. Officers tracked down the suspect vehicle, stopped it and said Martin showed signs of impairment. They said he consented to perform field sobriety tests, but was unable to do so due to a recent ankle injury. After the suspect answered medical questions, he was placed into custody. Jason Martin was lodged in jail for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. His Subaru was impounded.
Posted on 7/6/23 11:33AM by Sam Marsh

Three City Park Campers Trespassed for Violating Grants Pass Ordinances
Three campers in Grants Pass city parks were forced to seek other living arrangements yesterday after they were cited for ordinance violations. On Wednesday at 10:45 a.m., Grants Pass police officers were patrolling Gilbert Creek Park when they observed Jordan Haas and Marylynn Humphrey actively smoking fentanyl in their tent. Both were cited to appear in court for narcotics violations and trespassed from the park for 30 days. Two unoccupied campsites at the park on NW Hawthorne Avenue were posted for Illegal Camping and an e-mail was sent to the United Community Action Network. On Wednesday at 11:31 a.m., officers received a citizen complaint regarding a female camper letting her dog run loose at Tussing Park along with the illegal positioning of tents next to the walking path and under the pedestrian bridge next to the Rogue River. Brooke Mack was issued citations for Unlawful Use of Open Park Spaces and Nuisance Dog. She was trespassed from the park for 30 days.
Posted on 7/6/23 11:30AM by Sam Marsh

Josephine County Sheriff's Office Seeks Public Assistance Locating Missing Man
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The Josephine County Sheriff's Office is asking for public assistance in locating a missing man. In a press release this morning, the Sheriff's Office asked for help finding 46-year-old Roger Adam Similia. Similia was last seen driving northbound onto Interstate 5 at Exit 61 near Merlin. He was driving a blue 2015 Toyota Corolla four-door sedan with Oregon license plate 431HKP. He was said to be traveling with a large dog. Roger Similia is described as a white male adult, 5-feet-7-inches tall and 305 pounds, with close-cropped gray hair, a beard and blue eyes. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to contact the Josephine County Sheriff's Office at (541)-474-5123. Please reference Case #23-17131.
Posted on 7/6/23 9:39AM by Sam Marsh
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Sheriff's Office Requesting Public Assistance in Locating Runaway Teenage Girl

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office is asking for public assistance in locating a runaway teenage girl. According to a Sheriff's Office press release, 15-year-old Jasmyne Pernicka went to stay the night with a friend on June 25th. The next day, she texted her foster parents and told them she would not be coming back home. Pernicka is believed to be staying with friends somewhere in the Grants Pass area. Jasmyne Pernicka is described as a white female juvenile, 5-feet-4-inches tall and 120 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to contact the Josephine County Sheriff's Office at (541)-474-5123. Please reference Case #23-17039.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:42AM by Sam Marsh
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Local Police Agencies Jailed Man for Felony Domestic Violence at GP Apartment
All three local law enforcement agencies responded to a domestic violence incident at a Grants Pass apartment complex this week. The Grants Pass Police Department, Josephine County Sheriff's Office and Oregon State Police were dispatched to the domestic disturbance in the 800-block of NE D Street on Tuesday morning. Police said a woman called 9-1-1 from a neighbor's apartment to report she had been attacked by 48-year-old Nathan Selby Adams. The 41-year-old victim told dispatchers the suspect attacked her as she was getting out of the shower and she ran next door to call for help. Upon arrival, officers contacted the victim who had lacerations to her face and a serious injury to one of her fingers. She was transported by ambulance to Three Rivers Medical Center for treatment. Law enforcement made announcements and Adams came to a window, but he refused to come out. Officers Tased him through the window and then placed him into custody without further incident. Nathan Adams was lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Felony 2nd-Degree Domestic Assault and Resisting Arrest along with a warrant out of Lebanon for Contempt of Court. He was being held without bail.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:41AM by Sam Marsh
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Grants Pass Woman Jailed for Threatening Family with Knife on West Park Street
A Grants Pass woman was jailed for threatening a family with a knife this week when they parked in front of her residence to watch the city-sponsored fireworks display. The Grants Pass Police Department reports 60-year-old Fawn Elysa Dapper was arrested for the incident in the 700-block of West Park Street on Tuesday shortly after 10 p.m.. Police said a man called 9-1-1 to report he and his family had parked his truck at that location to watch the fireworks at Reinhart Volunteer Park when Dapper came out of her house while brandishing a large knife. The suspect reportedly swung the knife through the air and threatened to come over and slash their tires if they did not move. The victim's frightened mother and others were inside the vehicle, and the entire incident was captured on video, which was shown to responding officers. Dapper was contacted at her residence and admitted to brandishing the knife, stating that she overreacted due to post-traumatic stress disorder and knew what she did was wrong. Fawn Dapper was lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Felony Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:40AM by Sam Marsh
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Young Motorist Escaped Injury in Wednesday AM Crash on Williams Highway
A young woman from Williams escaped injury when she wrecked her vehicle on Highway 238 near Provolt early yesterday. The Oregon State Police reports troopers and emergency crews responded to the single-vehicle crash near milepost 11 of Williams Highway on Wednesday around 1 a.m.. Troopers said 18-year-old Whitney Lynn Buintain was driving a Ford XST when the accident occurred. They said she was not injured, but her damaged vehicle was towed. No citations were issued and Buintain was provided with a DMV crash report.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:30AM by Sam Marsh
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CJ Man Cited for Driving Very Unsafe Vehicle on US Highway 199 at Hayes Hill
A Cave Junction man was cited for driving an extremely unsafe vehicle this week on Redwood Highway near Hayes Hill. The Oregon State Police reports troopers pulled over a Honda CRV driven by 43-year-old Daren Alan McCollum near milepost 16 of US Highway 199 on Tuesday at about 11:30 a.m.. Troopers said they stopped McCollum for operation of an unsafe vehicle. They said the Honda's windshield was completely smashed and the glass was fractured to the point where they could not see into the vehicle. The vehicle also had no mirrors and the left rear tire appeared to be almost falling off. In addition, troopers learned McCollum's driving privileges had been suspended and he had no insurance. He was cited to appear in court and released, but his vehicle -- or what was left of it -- was towed to the impound yard.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:29AM by Sam Marsh
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JCL Partners with Southern Oregon Historical Society for Program in GP & CJ
Josephine Community Library and the Southern Oregon Historical Society have partnered to offer a local history program called "Wayward Girls of the Rogue Valley" at the Grants Pass and Illinois Valley branches this week. During the program, Southern Oregon Historical Society Archivist Jan Wright will explore the lives of Mattie Sisley, Sadie Hudson and Ida Griner who lived in Jackson County from the 1880s to the 1920s and went astray from social norms. Wright will talk about the contributing factors of the girls' delinquency and attempted reforms to their behavior through case studies and a collection of letters. The program will occur at the Grants Pass branch library today from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and at the Illinois Valley branch library on Saturday from noon to 1:30 p.m.. This event is part of the 2023 Summer Reading Program. The 2023 theme is "Find Your Voice" and it's sponsored by the State Library of Oregon. The program and related events are offered at no cost to participants and a library card is not needed to take part. For more information about the 2023 Summer Reading Program and related events, visit "josephinelibrary.org," e-mail "info@josephinelibrary.org" or call (541)-476-0571.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:19AM by Sam Marsh
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Federal Appeals Court Refuses to Rehear Homeless Ruling Against City of Grants Pass
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A federal appeals court Wednesday refused to rehear a three-judge panel's ruling that prohibited the city of Grants Pass from criminally punishing homeless people who sleep in public places when they have nowhere else to go. The Oregonian reports the denial of a full court review by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals prompted unusually scathing dissents and statements by 16 other 9th Circuit judges who either blasted the original decision and urged it be corrected or argued that at least the full court be given the chance to reconsider the matter. Many who dissented argued that the Grants Pass ruling created a confusing set of rules based on a flawed interpretation of the US Constitution and made the court's judges into inappropriate "homeless policy czars." The original ruling placed a "straitjacket" on West Coast cities that are now left with little recourse to deal with an insurmountable and widespread rise in homelessness, the dissenters wrote. In response, the two judges who made up the majority opinion on the three-judge panel defended their denial of a full court review and also stood by their underlying 2022 opinion and claimed those criticizing it had mischaracterized it. Highlighting the significant division among the 9th Circuit active and senior judges, a lawyer representing the city of Grants Pass said the city plans to petition the US Supreme Court to review the case.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:16AM by Sam Marsh
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Grants Pass City Council Approves Ordinance Annexing Five Acres for Affordable Housing
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The Grants Pass City Council last night approved an ordinance amendment in the first of two quasi-judicial hearings. The applicant requested annexation into the city and a zone change from Josephine County's RR-1 to the city's RR-1-10 in anticipation of the construction of a veterans' affordable housing development. The parcel is five acres at the corner of Glencrest Way and Cloverlawn Drive. Half of the parcel is planned to be developed into 14 small cottage sites -- the largest at about 900 square feet. Many neighbors gave comments opposing the annexation due to increased traffic and heightened danger on at least two 90-degree corners. The remaining 2.5 acres will be donated to the Mid-Rogue Foundation. The second hearing resulted in the approval of an ordinance to vacate a public right-of-way in an alley between 969 and 1009 SE M Street. Proposed future plans include the demolition of all existing structures and re-development of 20 attached multi-dwelling townhouses. The City Council moved into the action portion of its agenda and approved the formation of a Sustainability & Energy Action Committee to monitor and report on the implementation of the newly-adopted Sustainability & Energy Action Plan.
Posted on 7/6/23 6:14AM by Sam Marsh
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