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Pacific Power Officials Warn Customers about Holiday Season Billing Scams
Heading into the holiday season, Pacific Power is reminding customers to be vigilant about fraudulent communications from scammers posing as utility representatives. This activity tends to increase during this time of year. Customers can protect themselves from these types of schemes by being aware of some important facts. Scammers will often tell you that your service is scheduled to be interrupted in the next 30-60 minutes. Pacific Power will not contact any customer demanding immediate payment to avoid disconnection of service the same day. Fraudsters may ask you to purchase a prepaid card and tell them the card information over the phone. Pacific Power does not ask customers to make payments by purchasing a prepaid card. You and other customers can always choose how you would like to make your payments. Be suspicious of anyone who approaches you by phone, email, text or in person and demands on-the-spot payment. Pacific Power will not demand immediate payment for damaged or broken electrical equipment or any other service.

If you receive one of these calls, ask the caller to state your account number and compare it with the number listed on your bill. Pacific Power customer service employees will always have your correct account number.

Scammers may also use a sophisticated deceptive tactic that makes it appear to caller ID systems that the call is coming from Pacific Power when it is not.
Posted on 11/18/23 5:06AM by Chuck Benson

Local Arts Organizations Receive Small Operating Grants from State Commission
Small grants can make a difference for ensuring access to arts programming. This is especially true in rural areas. The Oregon Arts Commission has awarded small grants to 119 arts organizations this year, with each organization receiving $2,363. Small Operating Grants support arts organizations throughout the state with annual budgets of less than $150,000. Eligibility is limited to organizations that provide ongoing, sustained artistic and outreach programming and have operated as an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit for a minimum of one year. Eight small operating grants from the OAC have been awarded in Southern Oregon. The recipients include the Southern Oregon Guild in Cave Junction, Art Presence in Jacksonville, Siskiyou Violins in Medford, Siskiyou Singers in Ashland, Rogue Valley Wind Ensemble in Ashland, Guitar Society of Southern Oregon in Ashland, Ashland Children's Theater and Ashland Flute Circle. The Oregon Arts Commission provides leadership, funding and arts programs through its grants, special initiatives and services. Nine commissione
Posted on 11/18/23 5:04AM by Chuck Benson

GP Police Jailed Woman for Probation Violation after Disturbance at Dad's House
Grants Pass Police jailed a woman for violating terms of her probation after she caused a disturbance at her father's home yesterday. The Police Department reports officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the 700-block of NW 2nd Street on Thursday around 12:15 p.m.. Police said a man called 9-1-1 to report that his daughter -- 41-year-old Gayle Lee Hooper -- appeared to be high on methamphetamine and she threatened to hit people in his household. They said terms of her probation call for her not to have any contact with family members and stay away from the residence. Upon arrival, officers detained Hooper and contacted her corrections officer who requested she be placed on a detainer. She was arrested in an upstairs restroom. Gayle Hooper was lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Probation Violation related to previous arrests for Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing, Disorderly Conduct, Offensive Littering and Criminal Trespass. She was being held on a no-bail detainer.
Posted on 11/17/23 11:27AM by Sam Marsh

GP Police Snared Woman for Causing Disturbance at RR Highway Market & Deli
Grants Pass Police arrested a woman for trespassing and causing a disturbance at a store on Rogue River Highway last night. According to the Police Department, officers responded to a trespassing complaint involving 34-year-old Marissa Elizabeth Winters at the Market & Deli next to the Bottle Drop Center on Thursday around 6:15 p.m.. Police said an employee called 9-1-1 and reported that Winters had returned to the store multiple times after having been trespassed from the business. The caller said she tried to spit on him, attempted to fight him and he wanted to press charges. Upon contact a short time later at Morrison Centennial Park, Winters told officers that she forgot she was trespassed and claimed she had no intention of causing any problems when she entered the store. Marissa Winters was placed into custody and lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass -- both in the 2nd-Degree.
Posted on 11/17/23 11:26AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Collared Fugitive, Cited Campers and Evicted 2 in Park Patrol Checks
Grants Pass Police arrested a local fugitive, cited several campers and evicted two of them during city park patrol checks on Thursday. It all started at 5:49 a.m. yesterday when officers contacted 53-year-old Robert Andre Fisher at Morrison Centennial Park and arrested him on a Grants Pass warrant for 2nd-Degree Theft. He was lodged at the Josephine County Jail. During an area check of Westholm Park a short time later, Dylan Duffy was cited for Illegal Camping and Alyssa Morlan was cited for Improper Utilization of Park Space. A total of 12 campsites were posted with a removal date of November 19th and an e-mail was sent to the United Community Action Network (UCAN). During a patrol check at Gilbert Creek Park, James Smith was cited for Buffer Zone Violation. Since it was Smith's second such citation at that park, he was trespassed from 30 days. During a patrol check at Fruitdale Park, Russell Thompson was cited for Scattering Rubbish. Upon returning to Morrison Centennial Park, officers cited Joseph Hislip, Dolores Nevin, John Espinosa and Marissa Winters for Illegal Camping. Winters was also cited for Scattering Rubbish and she was excluded from the park for 30 days.
Posted on 11/17/23 11:24AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Motorist Cited for Causing Crash that Sent another Motorist to the Hospital
A Grants Pass motorist was cited for causing a crash that sent another motorist to the hospital late yesterday. Grants Pass Police and emergency personnel responded to the two-vehicle wreck at the intersection of SW Booth and G streets on Thursday at about 5:30 p.m.. Police said the rear-end collision occurred between a pickup with a camper and a car. They said one person was transported by ambulance to Three Rivers Medical Center for treatment of what appeared to be minor injuries. No one else was hurt. Both the pickup and car were towed from the scene, but it was unclear in the report who was driving the vehicles. There was partial blockage of the roadway. Following an investigation, officers cited a male motorist identified only as "Peat" for Driving While Suspended and No Insurance.
Posted on 11/17/23 11:23AM by Sam Marsh
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OSP Reports No One Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on Highway 238 in Murphy
No one was hurt in a two-vehicle crash that occurred at an intersection in Murphy early yesterday. The Oregon State Police reports troopers and emergency crews were dispatched to the collision at the intersection of Williams Highway and North Applegate Road on Thursday at 9:05 a.m.. Troopers said a preliminary investigation indicates 56-year-old Larry Noble of Grants Pass was driving a Kenworth truck on the highway and slowed to make a turn onto North Applegate. They said a Chevrolet Tahoe driven by 35-year-old Tawny Lints of Williams that was following the Kenworth veered to the right, struck the right rear portion of the truck and contacted the guardrail. According to OSP, no one was injured including an infant girl in Lint's vehicle. The damaged Tahoe was towed to Grants Pass and the Kenworth left under its own power. Following the investigation, Lints was either cited or warned for Following Too Closely.
Posted on 11/17/23 11:20AM by Sam Marsh
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OSP Nabbed GP Man for Impaired Driving after Rogue River Highway Stop
The Oregon State Police arrested a Grants Pass man for impaired driving early today following a traffic stop on Rogue River Highway. According to OSP, troopers pulled over an Acura TL driven by 33-year-old Robert B. Young on Highway 99 near Florence Lane at 12:10 this morning. Troopers said they stopped Young for a traffic violation and he displayed signs of impairment. After refusing to participate in field sobriety tests, a search warrant was obtained and he was taken to Three Rivers Medical Center for a blood draw. Based on the results of the blood draw, Robert Young was transported to the Grants Pass Sobering Center where he was cited to appear in court for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Reckless Driving. His car was parked and secured at the scene of the traffic stop.
Posted on 11/17/23 11:19AM by Sam Marsh
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Deputies Jailed GP Man for Injuring 2 Children during Argument with His Wife
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office jailed a Grants Pass man for injuring two of his children during an argument with his wife at a Redwood area residence earlier this week. The Sheriff's Office reports deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at a home in the 2100-block of Hubbard Lane on Wednesday morning. Deputies said the 28-year-old wife of 31-year-old Dillon Anthony Lee called 9-1-1 to report that her husband hit her in the face and was throwing items around the house in front of their four children. The caller hung up and dispatchers called back, reaching the husband who reported that his wife threw a phone at him and hit him in the face. He declined medical attention and retreated to a motorhome. Upon arrival, deputies determined that Lee recklessly caused physical injury to two minor children by slapping them and throwing items during the argument. Physical injuries were observed on both children and there was no probable cause to believe that the husband and wife were victims of domestic violence. Dillon Lee was placed into custody and transported to the Josephine County Jail where he was booked for two counts Felony 4th-Degree Domestic Assault. He was being held without bail. The Oregon Department of Human Services was summoned to the scene in order to evaluate the situation after both parents admitted to recent drug use and ongoing domestic issues within the home. The injured children were taken to the hospital for treatment.
Posted on 11/17/23 6:41AM by Sam Marsh
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Grants Pass Police Jailed Woman on Local Felony Warrant for Drug Trafficking
Grants Pass Police jailed a woman on a local felony warrant for drug trafficking this week. The Police Department reports 29-year-old Amber Rose Rahlf was wanted on a Grants Pass felony warrant containing a secret indictment for Unlawful Delivery and Unlawful Possession of Fentanyl. Police said they first attempted to serve Rahlf at the Harbeck Village Apartments at 6:55 p.m., but she was not there. They said they returned at 9:25 p.m., spotted the suspect's vehicle parked outside the apartments and then placed her into custody. Amber Rahlf was lodged at the Josephine County Jail on $50,000 bail. It was unclear whether her arrest was related to the investigation that led to a massive drug bust in Grants Pass and Josephine County on Tuesday.
Posted on 11/17/23 6:40AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Snared Man on Local Warrant and Cited Campers in Downtown Area
Grants Pass Police arrested one man on an outstanding warrant and cited several others for camping and other violations in the downtown area early yesterday. According to the Police Department, officers contacted 38-year-old Joshua Alexander Deivert and two other men sleeping on a sidewalk on SW I Street between 7th and 8th streets on Thursday around 5:40 a.m.. Deivert was cited for Scattering Rubbish and Illegal Camping as well as Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine. He was also wanted on a Grants Pass warrant for failing to appear in court for Disorderly Conduct and lodged at the jail facility. The two other men -- identified only as Chapman and Misner -- were warned for Illegal Camping and ordered to move on. Meanwhile, Russ Davis was sleeping in the doorway of the US Bank on SW 6th Street. He was cited for Scattering Rubbish and Illegal Camping. A man identified only as "Stalford" was cited for sleeping in the alleyway behind Gates Furniture. Louis Briseno and Jason Whittenburg were found sleeping on the sidewalk in the Grasshopper Parking Lot. Both were cited for Illegal Camping while Whittenberg was also cited for Scattering Rubbish. Both collected their belongings and moved off the sidewalk.
Posted on 11/17/23 6:38AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Arrested Man for Dumping Truckload of Trash on Downtown Sidewalk
Grants Pass Police arrested a man for placing a truckload of trash on a city sidewalk in the downtown area and refusing to clean it up this week. According to the Police Department, officers were alerted to the ordinance violation at the corner of SE 8th and I streets on Wednesday morning. Police said citizens reported a man later identified as 59-year-old Brian Scott Chapman removed a large amount of trash from his parked minivan and placed it on the sidewalk. When asked to clean up his mess, he reportedly refused to do so and community service officers were brought in to haul away the rubbish. Chapman was placed into custody at the scene and found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He was lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Offensive Littering and the narcotics violation. He and his female companion were warned. Two five gallon buckets of marijuana were located and seized for destruction. A bucket of feces and bottles of urine were also disposed of.
Posted on 11/17/23 6:30AM by Sam Marsh
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