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Josephine County Circuit Court will be Mailing Jury Summons in New Postcard Format
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Josephine County Circuit Court has announced it is mailing out jury summons in a new format. The local court has streamlined the jury process and will now send postcards out to prospective jurors. The postcard will provide instructions for accessing online information and resources. The goal is to make jury service response and communication easier, faster and more convenient. They will replace the paper brochures sent out in envelopes. The postcards will include the essential information jurors need to know to respond for service and communicate with the court. They direct potential jurors to a new online portal called "Juror eResponse" where the prospective juror can complete the response form, opt in for text or e-mail notifications, get reporting instructions, and request a deferral or to be excused. Prospective jurors who do not have internet access can complete a questionnaire at the Josephine County Courthouse when they report for jury service by using a court kiosk. The Juror eResponse portal is part of the Oregon Judicial Department's efforts to take advantage of technology to improve and expand court communication, accessibility and engagement in innovative ways. The two systems will overlap until May 2024 when the new format replaces the old one.
Posted on 3/29/24 5:10AM by Sam Marsh

Redwood Foundation for Education Creates Fund to Support GP Early Learning Program
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The Redwood Foundation for Education is pleased to announce the establishment of a fund to support the Grants Pass School District Early Learning Program. The program offers free early learning opportunities to Grants Pass families with preschool-aged children. Unlike K-12 education, early learning programs do not receive state funding. Programs for preschool-aged children are typically funded through grants, donations or tuition. The earnings from this fund will support free parent-child interactive playgroups and connect families to community resources and support. In addition, donations to the Grants Pass Early Learning Fund will support preschool opportunities, transportation assistance, child care for families with multiple children so parents/caregivers can attend workshops and playgroups with the preschool-aged child, professional development for early learning providers, parent workshops, kindergarten readiness classes, on-site dental, vision and speech screenings, and a clothing closet. For more information on how to support the Grants Pass Early Learning Program, please visit "redwoodforeducation.org/grants/grants-pass-early-learning-fund."
Posted on 3/29/24 5:03AM by Sam Marsh

Grants Pass Area Students Encouraged to Participate in "Drinking Water Week" Contest
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For more than 40 years, the American Water Works Association and its members have used "Drinking Water Week" as a unique opportunity for both professionals and the communities they serve to recognize the vital role water plays in our lives. This year's Drinking Water Week" is May 5th-11th. The City of Grants Pass is calling on all kids grades K-12 to design a poster to demonstrate the theme "Reimagine Our Water Future." Three winners will be chosen from each category. Enter for a chance to win $75, $50 or $25. Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality and relevance to theme. In 2023, more than 20 local students submitted original artwork focused on the theme "Go with the Flow." Winners and their artwork will be featured on City of Grants Pass social media platforms and Josephine County Transit buses this summer. The deadline to enter is April 26th. For more information, call Grants Pass Public Works at (541)-450-6110 or e-mail Susan Morgan at "smorgan@grantspassoregon.gov."
Posted on 3/29/24 5:00AM by Sam Marsh

Deputies Jailed Selma Woman for Assaulting Brother in Argument over Car
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office jailed a Selma woman for allegedly assaulting her brother during an argument over a vehicle late last week. The Sheriff's Office reports deputies arrested the 74-year-old woman for the incident that occurred in the 200-block of Borica Drive last Friday evening. Deputies said the victim's daughter called 9-1-1 on Wednesday to report that her father was in the hospital and not doing well. They said he texted his daughter on Saturday and said he was being treated for a fall. She visited him on Monday and he told her his sister had pushed him down during an argument over a vehicle. According to the report, the siblings live together on the Illinois Valley property and the sister forced her brother to tell people he was injured in a fall. When the daughter went to the home to collect some things for her father, her aunt was uncooperative and would not let her take the vehicle. Following an investigation, deputies placed the woman into custody and lodged her at the Josephine County Jail for Felony 2nd-Degree Assault. She was being held without bail.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:21AM by Sam Marsh
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Deputies Arrested Roseburg Man for Disturbance at Murphy Area Residence
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office arrested a Roseburg man for illegally entering a Murphy area property, disturbing the residents and refusing to leave. According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to the incident in the 800-block of Hyde Park Drive on Wednesday around 10:15 p.m.. Deputies said the residents reported that a 50-year-old man broke into their backyard, got into an argument with them and refused to leave. They said one of the residents started throwing things at the man, but he screamed at her and would not allow her to shut the gate. The subject was believed to be heavily impaired. Upon arrival, deputies contacted the man and discovered that he was wanted on a Sweet Home municipal warrant for failing to appear in court for impaired driving. The Oregon State Police assisted deputies with a successful Taser deployment. The suspect was described as "uncooperative and under the influence of an unknown drug." He was placed into custody and during the ride to the Josephine County Jail, he started spitting all over the inside of the patrol vehicle so deputies stopped at Hidden Valley Market and placed a spit hood on him. The suspect then started kicking so deputies stopped on Williams Highway at Jaynes Drive and placed him in ankle restraints. He was eventually booked into jail without bail for Criminal Trespass, Harassment and the outstanding warrant.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:18AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Jailed Felon Who Fabricated Story about Being Shot to Avoid Rain
Grants Pass Police jailed a local felon who fabricated a story about being shot in order to get out of the rain. The Police Department reports officers responding to the "shots-fired" incident at the 7-Eleven store on SW 6th Street on Wednesday at about 10:45 p.m.. Police said the 28-year-old man called 9-1-1 from the store to report that he had been shot in the hip with a .22-caliber firearm near the railroad tracks. The call resulted in an emergency response, prompting the dispatch of fire engines, an ambulance and three law enforcement units. Officers quickly determined that the man had not been shot or victimized in any way. He admitted that he wanted a room to get out of the rain for a few days and hoped to receive some opioids to alleviate withdrawals from a fentanyl addiction. The suspect was given a "room" at the Josephine County Jail for Initiating a False Police Report and Improper Use of 9-1-1 plus the resulting Parole Violation from previous arrests for Resisting Arrest, Escape and Disorderly Conduct. He was being held on a no-bail detainer.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:17AM by Sam Marsh
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Deputies Collared Man on State Warrant while Investigating Squatting in Selma
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office arrested a man on statewide felony warrant early yesterday while investigating a squatting complaint at a property in Selma. According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to the complaint in the 200-block of Illinois River Road on Wednesday around 10:30 a.m.. Deputies said the elderly property owner is now living with family in Utah and a neighbor in Selma called them to report people squatting on the land. The house had burned down several years ago. The owner recently received a letter from Josephine County about a large amount of trash on the property. Responding deputies contacted three people on the property including a 56-year-old man who was wanted on an Oregon State warrant for Parole Violation related to a prior conviction for unspecified traffic offenses. He was placed into custody and lodged at the Josephine County Jail on a no-bail detainer. A female subject told deputies she had permission to be living there, but that was proven to be a lie. She and another man were given 72 hours to vacate the land.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:15AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Incarcerated Man for Stealing Rent Money from Ready Ride Driver
Grants Pass Police arrested a man for trying to steal rent money from a Ready Ride driver yesterday. According to the Police Department, officers were alerted to the theft by the local company on Wednesday during the noon hour. Police said an investigation determined a Ready Ride driver picked up a 44-year-old man in the 100-block of Penwheel Drive to transport him to Medford. They said $750 fell out of the driver's pocket and was picked up by the suspect. When confronted about the money, the suspect denied taking it and refused to advise where it was, even when confronted with video evidence of the crime. Only $50 of the money was recovered as the suspect refused to tell officers where the rest of it was. The man was searched and the rest of the money was recovered. The suspect was lodged at the Josephine County Jail on charges of 2nd-Degree Theft and Tampering with Evidence. He was being held without bail.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:14AM by Sam Marsh
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OSP Snared Man on Jackson County Warrant after Downtown GP Traffic Stop
The Oregon State Police arrested a motorist on an outstanding warrant yesterday following a traffic stop in downtown Grants Pass. According to OSP, troopers pulled over a Toyota Corolla driven by a 35-year-old man near the corner of NE 6th and E streets on Wednesday at 3:44 p.m.. Troopers said they stopped the driver because he was not wearing a seatbelt. They quickly learned that the man had a warrant for his arrest out of Jackson County. The suspect was lodged in jail, but he was conditionally released a short time later. His vehicle had been left secured in a parking spot at his request.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:12AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Nabbed Motorist for Impaired Driving after Downtown Traffic Stop
Grants Pass Police arrested a motorist for impaired driving last night during a traffic stop in the downtown area. The Police Department reports officers pulled over a Cadillac sedan driven by a 54-year-old man near the corner of NE 6th and A streets at 10:17 p.m. Wednesday. Police said they stopped the man for a traffic violation and he displayed obvious signs of impairment. After performing poorly in field sobriety tests, the man was placed into custody for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants. The suspect was cited to appear in court and released, but his car was impounded. Officers gave a passenger a courtesy ride to a location on Rogue River Highway.
Posted on 3/28/24 10:11AM by Sam Marsh
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Deputies Arrested IV Man for Stealing Vehicle with Additional Charges Pending
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office jailed an Illinois Valley man this week for stealing a vehicle and additional charges are pending further investigation. The Sheriff's Office reports deputies arrested the 40-year-old male suspect at gunpoint on Tuesday evening following a high-risk traffic stop on Rockydale Road near Forest Park Road. Deputies said the incident started a few hours earlier when a Cave Junction man reported his vehicle was stolen from a property on East Hanby Road. The vehicle was seen by witnesses a short time later at CJ Coffee, but the suspect had driven away before law enforcement arrived on scene. The Oregon State Police assisted. About an hour later, the stolen vehicle was spotted at a property in the 27,500-block of Redwood Highway. When the suspect was stopped, there was a woman and a juvenile also inside the vehicle. The suspect was transported to Grants Pass and lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. The woman was detained and released. According to the report, two firearms, $460 in cash, a possible burglary tool and an unknown controlled substance were located inside the stolen vehicle, which was towed to Cave Junction. The items were seized as evidence and for investigation.
Posted on 3/28/24 5:43AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Arrested Man for Threatening Motorists with Knife near Tussing Park
Grants Pass Police arrested a man for allegedly threatening motorists with a knife near Tussing Park this week. The Police Department reports officers arrested the 36-year-old male subject near the corner of West Park Street and Ringuette Street around midday Tuesday. Police said a Josephine County sheriff's deputy was flagged down by a couple who reported the man had just charged their vehicle with a knife. They said he was located a short time later walking in the middle of the street and "flailing wildly." Officers disarmed the man and placed him into custody. No one was hurt. The suspect was lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Disorderly Conduct and the resulting Parole Violation stemming from recent convictions for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Mischief. He was being held on a no-bail detainer. His property was logged into evidence for safekeeping.
Posted on 3/28/24 5:42AM by Sam Marsh
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