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The Life of a 1st Responder, Varied or Usual but Never Mundane

When First Responders come to work each day, they never know what they will encounter, or if there will be a common theme. It's what makes the job interesting.

Here is a sampling of 1st responder calls yesterday.

At 07:24 hrs., a vehicle left the road in the 4500 block of Williams Hwy, hitting a tree. The driver was taken to the hospital with moderate, but non-life-threatening injuries.

At 09:21 hrs., a vehicle left the road in the 3700 block of Rogue River Hwy, hitting a tree. The driver was shaken but denied any injuries.

At 15:12 hrs., a fully loaded log truck on Interstate 5 near Merlin Hill, experienced a wheel malfunction causing it to catch fire and spread to the logs. The fire was quickly contained, as were the flames that moved into grass and trees adjacent to the freeway. The truck driver was not injured.

These were just three out of dozens of emergencies dispatched by Josephine County 911 Wednesday alone. No one knows what the day will bring, but all calls are answered professionally, regardless of what happens, and regardless of what is involved.
Posted on 6/15/23 4:54AM by Chuck Benson