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GP City Park Dwellers Excluded from Facilities for Violating Ordinances

At least five Grants Pass park dwellers were looking for other places to live after being cited for violating city ordinances yesterday.

The Grants Pass Police Department reports the first incident occurred Wednesday at 9:26 a.m. at Fruitdale Park when officers contacted Andrew Urenda and Cassie Sinks at their tent.

Police said they had received complaints that Urenda and Sinks had trash strewn around their campsite. Both were cited for Scattering Rubbish and Illegal Camping because their camp had been posted on April 29th. They were trespassed from Fruitdale Park for the next 30 days.

The second incident happened during the noon hour Wednesday when officers contacted Heather Dixon, John Bowley and Jack Doak at Riverside Park.

Dixon was cited for Scattering Rubbish, Bowley was cited for Methamphetamine Possession and Doak was cited for Unlicensed Dogs. All three were trespassed from the park for 30 days. A total of 24 campsites were posted at Riverside Park yesterday and an e-mail was sent to the United Community Action Network.
Posted on 5/4/23 11:00AM by Sam Marsh