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Recalling and Recollaring “Our Wolf” OR-7 and Family
Biologists are hopeful in their plan to recapture and replace the GPS collar on Oregon’s most famous Lobo, now mated and father of three, OR-7.

OR-7’s collar signal will soon fade after keeping biologists and the public in the loop throughout his breakaway from the Imnaha pack and 3½-year, 3000-mile quest to find a mate and establish his own pack.

A federal biologist plans to set foothold snares in the family’s eastern Jackson County locale in hopes of capturing at least one of the animals for a GPS collar-fitting.

If OR-7’s mate or one of their pups is captured next month, blood will be drawn for DNA testing to possibly trace the other pack-origin of the family.

Oregon’s wolf census is conducted at the end of December. Last year’s count was 64 known wolves. Biologists are hoping all three pups survive and help bring the count to at least 69 this December.
Posted on 8/24/14 11:26AM by Tom Ray