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City of Ashland Approves Tax on Marijuana
The Ashland City Council has authorized a tax of up to 5 percent on medical marijuana and up to 10 percent on recreational pot while adopting regulations governing the location and operation of marijuana dispensaries.

Voters are likely to see a recreational marijuana measure on the November ballot. The state has already legalized medical marijuana dispensaries governed by a large body of regulations, and cities are allowed to impose additional regulations.

The proposed measure for the November ballot would bar cities from imposing their own taxes, but itís not clear the ban would apply to cities that adopted taxes before the measure takes effect, if approved by voters.

Ashland will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to locate on specific sections of Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland Street and Main Street with a special use permit. They will not be allowed downtown. They will also be allowed in employment and commercial zones if they are at least 200 feet from residential zones.
Posted on 7/5/14 5:21AM by Chuck Benson