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White City 19-Year-Old Gets Probation, Instead of Prison
Devon James Wright, 19, of White City pleaded guilty Monday to his role in a gang riot last month and 2nd degree assault for fracturing the skull of a man with a pipe last year, but as part of a plea deal, he’ll serve only three years’ probation. Wright also pleaded guilty to altering a firearms identification number.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Kelly Ravassipour accepted the plea agreement from the D.A.’s office, telling Wright, who was appearing with a shaved head and several head and facial tattoos, he would serve 37 months prison time if his probation was revoked. The Judge still classified that as a gift in her opinion.

Wright allegedly stood in a door way pointing a shotgun at a vehicle during the May 7th riot as he and the car occupants flashed gang signs at each other. He was arrested two weeks later in a SWAT raid. He tried to run, but tripped when his pants fell down, and was apprehended.

He was also ordered to pay $12,775 in restitution in the assault case.
Posted on 6/10/14 10:33AM by Chuck Benson