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White City V.A. Facility Gets Mixed Grades
The White City V.A. Domiciliary, now officially known as the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinic, has drawn low grades for getting newcomers appointments, but drew strong marks for dealing with established patients.

In a system wide audit of V.A. facilities, the White City site performed admirably in scheduling appointments within 30 days. Only 295 of over 10,000 appointments were pushed outside the 30 day window. Established patients see a medical staff member within 30 days 97 percent of the time.

However the audit, released Monday, ranked the facility third worst in the nation in waits veterans endured to see specialists and seventh-worst nationally for access to mental health services.

A White City administrator says the difficulty lies in staffing shortages. Many positions have gone unfilled in spite of efforts to make new hires.

The White City campus has no hospital, no surgery department, no E.R., or urgent care component.
Posted on 6/10/14 9:30AM by Chuck Benson