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Election Results: Run-Offs for Sheriff & Commissioner; Winners GMO, Hicks, Wilson & Animal Shelter; Jail Levy Defeated-Updated
The results from Tuesday’s election still leave voters wondering about the Sheriff’s and County Commissioner position one. No candidate received over 50 percent of the vote meaning the decision will come in the next election between the top two vote getters.

Dave Daniel was the top vote getter for County Sheriff garnering 48.56 percent of the vote with incumbent Gil Gilbertson drawing 38.79 percent.

Simon Hare, the incumbent Commissioner, drew 45.29 percent, just short of the 50 percent needed for election and he’ll face Mark Gatlin in the runoff. Gatlin received just 14.7 percent of the votes.

Wally Hicks was elected county council defeating long-time incumbent Steve Rich 61.01 to 38.7 percent.

For measure 17-58 the yes vote to ban GMO crops in Josephine County drew 58.24 percent of the vote. Gov. Kitzhaber signed a bill last fall that prohibits local governments from regulating genetically engineered crops. An exception was made for Jackson County because its measure had already qualified for the ballot.

Measure 17-59, the levy to fund the jail went down to defeat 52.49 percent to 47.51.

Measure 17-60, the levy for animal control passed handily getting 61.9 percent of the yes votes.

Measure 17-61 the advisory vote for the Commissioners showed 89.2 percent of voters favored timber salvage and replanting.

The race for State Representative from District #3 went to Carl Wilson with over 83 percent of the vote.

A complete rundown of election results is on this stations website.
Posted on 5/21/14 5:33AM by Jared Dill