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Golf Club Killing Trial Began Thursday
The trial of Travis Asbill, 31, who is accused of bludgeoning a Vietnam War veteran to death with a golf club in June of 2012, began Thursday in Medford.

Kiara Ward, 25, of Washington, testified she had been sitting in the living room of 54-year-old Donald William Mack when Asbill struck the sleeping Mack several times in the head with the club. Prosecutors say the attack continued until the club head broke off.

According to prosecutors Ward had been staying with Mack in his one bedroom apartment. She had been stranded in Medford a few days earlier and wound up in Mack’s home, which was a haven for people who were homeless, in trouble with the law or illegal drug users.

The trial continues today.
Posted on 5/16/14 10:13AM by Chuck Benson