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Police respond to BCC Weekly Business Session
Officers from the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety responded to the Anne Basker Auditorium today during the Josephine County Commissioners Weekly Business Session after County Commission Chair Cherryl Walker called authorities to report two individuals were creating a safety hazard.

Former County Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli and Dale Matthews were recording the proceedings from the front row. Walker says that due to the possibility of the cameras falling during an emergency they presented a safety issue for those fleeing from the building. According to Walker, the two individuals had been told last week they needed to physically hold their cameras in their laps.

Public Safety Lieutenant Dennis Ward questioned Cassanelli and determined that she and Matthews needed to hold the cameras but they did not have to keep the cameras in their laps.

Once the meeting reconvened, Walker said policy would be developed during the Thursday Administrative Meeting regarding the use of video cameras during county meetings.

Additionally, the only item scheduled for administrative action during the meeting, passed unanimously to pay for the installation of a prisoner transport insert into a granted van for the Sheriff’s Office at a cost of $18,846 that will be paid for over a three year period.
Posted by Jared Dill