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School Board Meeting And Charter School Proposal
The District 7 School Board meeting was preceded Tuesday afternoon by a proposal from a group representing the prospective founding of Josephine counties’ first charter school.

The school’s plan is a project based, or hands on approach. The curriculum would heavily focus for four years on the common core studies, and a combination of those fields, math-science, language arts- English etc.

The concern from the district revolves around what was referred to as, “A lack of depth” as far as showing a clear plan to attract the “at risk” population of students beyond what the district has already tried.

An example of a similar charter school plan was brought up during the presentation, Eagle Point’s Eagle Ridge, a charter school with a similar student demographic and location and an impressive record. This example helped to illustrate the advantages of a more personalized approach.

Another topic of interest was the Procurement card, a debit card that would allow school officials to more easily and with less procedure acquire essential materials and supplies without having to go through the usual, sometimes slow, channels. The initial plan allows for only one card per school, but if needed, principals could voice the need for, and acquire a new card.
Posted by Kyle Dunlap