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Sequestration has No Effect on Secure Rural Schools Funding
Rural communities are in line to receive millions in additional Secure Rural Schools funding, after the White House determined that mandatory budget cuts known as “sequestration” will not apply to the program for payments going out early next year.

The White House Office of Management announced that the sequester budget cuts will not apply next year because the program was renewed this September, and therefore does not fall under a list of required cuts that was created earlier in the year.

The budget cuts did apply to secure rural schools funding that went out earlier this year. As a result, states and counties lost $18 million – including nearly $4 million in Oregon – that was supposed to create jobs and fund needed forest restoration projects.

Payment amounts are not yet available for individual counties.

Oregon counties are slated to receive roughly $100 million in Secure Rural Schools payments in 2014, out of a total $329 million for counties in 41 states across the country.
Posted by Chuck Benson