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Marie Callender Holiday Pies Available
The fire that destroyed the Marie Callender’s on Biddle Road last week has not deterred its employees from baking a fresh set of pies for the holidays.

Employees set up a white tent next to Applebee’s Sunday and rapidly sold out of razzleberry pie. Customers also made donations to help Marie Callender’s employees.
There are plenty of pumpkin, apple and double lemon left for customers.

The pies were baked in Redding so there will likely be no profit considering the cost of transporting employees to California and back with the pies. The Medford outlet normally prepares 1,200 pies for the holidays but could only manage 700 this year. They will be sold for three days only to insure freshness. They’ll be available until 6 p.m. Tuesday. Left overs will be donated to non-profits.

A fundraiser is being held today at both the Medford and Grants Pass Applebee’s to benefit employees displaced by the fire. From 11 a.m. until closing 15 percent of the proceeds will go to Marie Callender’s employees.
Posted by Chuck Benson