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YCF Youths Making Their Time-Served Count for Local Child
Youth and Staff at Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility are spending quality time raising hope and funds for a local child with a rare medical challenge.

2-year-old Lilliana Maupin of Grants Pass has hydrocephalus, a rare disorder requiring costly, ongoing medical treatment. Rogue Valley YCF has adopted Lilliana as their holiday cause and inspiration through Sparrow Clubs USA, a Pacific Northwest charity.

Quality time has been invested in organizing basketball games, bake sales, “jeans weeks” and other donation incentive events. The returns were presented last Thursday in a $650 check to the Hidden Valley High School Sparrow Club. The School shares official local sponsor honors with Elmer’s Restaurants in support of Lilliana.

Rogue Valley YCF officials have expressed their pride and appreciation for the youths’ efforts and generosity in giving freely from their own pockets to help a youngster they know only through photographs and videos.

The Youth earn money through jobs at the facility and may receive money from their families. They use the money to buy snacks from the facility’s canteen, or as we now know, support a special child in need, Lilliana Maupin.

Rogue Valley YCF youth and staff have pledged to raise more than $1000 for Lilliana through the holidays. They also signed a large, handmade holiday card for her. It is believed the empathy and compassion demonstrated in these kinds of selfless efforts will help youths lead productive, crime-free lives when they leave.
Posted by Tom Ray