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Parvo outbreak causes Animal Shelter to seek public's help
The recent Parvovirus outbreak at the Josephine County Animal Shelter has Josephine County Public Health asking for citizen’s help to keep stray animals off the streets.

Josephine County Public Health Director Diane Hoover is asking anyone who finds a stray animal to please foster it until the shelter reopens on Oct. 23.

Hoover says two dogs that were infected with the disease have been euthanized and a third infected dog is being cared for in hopes of combating the illness. If the dog gets better, Veteran’s Affairs has requested the Brussels Griffon as a companion animal.

The shelter is receiving a thorough cleaning and the dogs are being monitored for infection. In the interim, Animal Control has asked the Rogue Valley Humane Society to take in strays.

RVHS Shelter Manager Margaret Varmer says around 10 dogs have been brought to the Humane Society by Animal Control in the last couple days. They have reached their full capacity of 22 dogs and they are unable to accept any more. According to Varmer, RVHS quarantined and nursed 12 puppies infected with Parvo back to health last year and is disappointed the county shelter is unable to keep the situation under control.

Hoover says, “Parvo can live in the ground for up to 50 years and can only be killed by bleach.” She added that the virus could have entered the shelter through any number of means and animal owners should vaccinate their pets.
Posted on 10/10/12 7:05PM by Jared Dill