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Commissioners Focus on Budget & Local Control in Thursday Admin Meeting
The Board of Commissioners and Chief financial officer Rosemary Padgett were engaged in serious discussions during the County Administrative meeting this morning at the Anne Basker Auditorium.

The looming budget shortfall next summer was the topic of discussion, or rather what to do to prepare to meet the counties financial challenges. No firm decisions were made with the main topic being what information was needed in order to make the difficult decisions.

The commissioners did unanimously pass a motion Okaying a draft of a letter to the BLM and the Association of O & C Counties, amending a 2009 letter of memorandum authorizing BLM to consult with that Association when determining road closures and other forest issues in Josephine County. The letter substitutes coordinate for consult and returns the authority to Josephine County.

This letter in addition to the one approved in the Wednesday business session to all federal agencies reflects the effort commissioners are making to assert local control over the county’s resources.
Posted on 9/29/11 7:17PM by Chuck Benson