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First Rescue from Mt. McLoughlin is Medford City Manager
The first rescue from Mt. McLoughlin this year was over Memorial Day weekend when Medford City Manager Eric Swanson lost track of a snow covered trail.
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Posted on 5/31/14 6:34AM by Chuck Benson
Accused Killerís Request to Represent Herself Denied
Appearing in Jackson County Circuit Court Friday, Susan Monica attempted to fire her attorneys and asked to represent herself.
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Posted on 5/31/14 5:51AM by Chuck Benson
Injunction Blocking Mt. Ashland Expansion Lifted; No $ to Expand
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has lifted an injunction that blocked the expansion of the Mt. Ashland Ski Area, but the association now does not have the money to expand.
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Posted on 5/31/14 5:40AM by Chuck Benson
City Jail Beds Almost Full & No Appeal Expected in Wisener Lawsuit According to Cityís Weekly Update
Assistant City Manager Dave Reeves added some background to the Wisener versus Grants Pass case that was just resolved. According to Reeves the lawsuit claiming a civil rights violation had occurred was filed in February of 2013 with the City making a settlement offer in June that year. Because Mr. Wisenerís jury award was substantially less than the offer he is only entitled to his attorney fees up to the date of the offer. No appeal is expected.
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Posted on 5/31/14 5:31AM by Chuck Benson
The Grants Pass Caveman is back on his pedestal watching his domain
The Grants Pass Caveman is now back on his pedestal next to the Chamber of Commerce after spending nearly a month receiving a makeover, attending several high-profile events and cavorting around the City of Grants Pass.
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Posted on 5/30/14 11:05AM by Jared Dill
Interstate-5 Bridge Repairs & Ramp Closures Scheduled for Week of June 1st
Bridge repairs are scheduled on Interstate-5 in the Sunny Valley area beginning Sunday evening at 6 p.m. This project includes the two bridges at the Exit 71 interchange and the two bridges over Leland Road.
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Posted on 5/30/14 10:33AM by Chuck Benson
Fire Season Begins Monday
Fire season on forestlands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry Southwest District begins Monday at 12:01 a.m. The fire danger level will be moderate and Industrial Fire Precaution level will be one. This declaration affects state, private, county and Bureau of Land Management forests in Josephine and Jackson County.
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Posted on 5/30/14 10:16AM by Chuck Benson
Retirement Complexes Sell for $51.1 Million
Veranda Park and Anna Maria Creekside retirement complexes sold to a Mcminnville based company, The Springs Living LLC, for $51.1 million.
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Posted on 5/30/14 9:04AM by Kyle Dunlap
Child Safety Day
The Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist school at 2250 NW Heidi Ln. will be host to a Child Safety Day on Sunday, June 1st from 3-5.
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Posted on 5/30/14 8:37AM by Kyle Dunlap
Prospect Faces Double Edged Sword Over Graduation
Prospect Charter School faces trouble on the other side of a victory.
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Posted on 5/30/14 8:35AM by Kyle Dunlap

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