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Easley Guilty of Murder
A Josephine County jury rendered a guilty of murder verdict against Donald Easley for the shooting death of his neighbor, Laron Estes on September 7th of 2013.

Closing arguments were delivered Wednesday and the Jury returned its decision Thursday morning.
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Posted on 9/18/14 2:42PM by Chuck Benson
Industrial Fire Prevention Level Lowers from 3 to 2
The Industrial Fire Prevention Level in forests and wildlands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry in southwest Oregon lowered from level 3 to level 2 this morning. This affects the 1.8 million acres of state, county, private and Bureau of Land Management lands protected by ODF’s Southwest Oregon District in Jackson and Josephine counties.
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Posted on 9/18/14 2:23PM by Chuck Benson
Book Controversy Stirs Three Rivers Parents
Some parents with children in the Three Rivers School District are complaining about a book in the high school libraries. During Tuesday night's school board meeting, they said students should not be allowed to read the book "Persepolis" without parental approval.
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Posted on 9/18/14 11:16AM by Chuck Benson
Air quality measured at moderate for Grants Pass and surrounding areas
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality lists Grants Pass’ air quality as being at the moderate level today.
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Posted on 9/18/14 10:48AM by Jared Dill
Happy Camp Fires Now Over 125,000 Acres
The Happy Camp complex of fires in northern California have now burned 125,788 acres and are list as 68 percent contained. The fires kicked up Wednesday afternoon before being dampened by overnight showers.
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Posted on 9/18/14 10:26AM by Chuck Benson
County’s Property Crime Investigative Unit Ready to Assume Duties
A team of vetted and well-trained volunteers and reserves are poised to conduct property crime investigation in the County. Sheriff Gilbertson, working in concert with the District Attorney’s office formed the team because property crime investigation has fallen to the wayside due to the limited resources of the Sheriff’s office. The team will be under the direct supervision of the Sheriff’s office
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Posted on 9/18/14 9:32AM by Chuck Benson
Alleged counterfeiter and thief arrested during traffic stop in Grants Pass
Officers from the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety arrested an alleged counterfeiter and thief Wednesday who has grifted several businesses in the Rogue Valley.
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Posted on 9/18/14 8:28AM by Jared Dill
Rains calm the Onion Mountain Fire’s spread
Rains over Grants Pass Wednesday calmed the Onion Mountain Fire’s spread and it is now estimated at 4,077 acres and eight percent containment.
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Posted on 9/18/14 5:26AM by Jared Dill
City Council votes yes to ammend parking fees and permits
The Grants Pass City Council during their meeting Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm voted unanimously to amend parking fees and annual permits.
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Posted on 9/17/14 8:31PM by Kyle Dunlap
County Clerk Art Harvey clarifies to board and citizens that measure arguments will not be allowed for recall
Josephine County Clerk Art Harvey made an appearance at the County Commissioners Weekly Business Session today to clarify that measure arguments will not be allowed on the ballot section pertaining to the potential recall of County Commissioner Cherryl Walker.
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Posted on 9/17/14 12:03PM by Jared Dill

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