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Easley Trial Continues with Opening Statements
Opening statements were delivered Wednesday by both the prosecution and defense in the felony murder trial of Donald Easley. Easley is accused shooting his neighbor, Laron Estes, 59, September 7th of last year.

The prosecution stated that Estes was unarmed, on his own property, and running away when shot in the back by Easley.

The defense countered with Easleyís version of the incident. It began with a disagreement over an outside light Easley erected that interfered with Estesís sleep. Ultimately, over a year later, both parties were working on a rickety fence that included plastic sheeting to block the light. The defense claims Estes grabbed Easley through the plastic in a rage and attempted drag him through the fence causing Easley to reach for his pistol and fire two quick shots.

The defense attorney explained the gunshot to the back could have happened because Estes turned when seeing the gun and Easley was unable to stop the firing action.

Estesís longtime partner, Barbara Hicks, the only witness to the shooting, was on the stand Thursday.

The trial is expected to take about three weeks.
Posted on 9/4/14 3:30PM by Chuck Benson