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Fire crews continue battling the Oregon Gulch Fire and bring it to 42 percent containment-UPDATED
Fire crews continued battering the Oregon Gulch Fire yesterday and they now have it listed at 42 percent containment.

The fire has burned a GPS measured 35,074 acres in Jackson, Klamath and Siskiyou counties. Crews have mopped up 100 to 200 feet into much of the western fire perimeter and continue to make significant progress along the rest of the fire. Crews have brought seven miles of hose into the north and northeastern edges of the fire to assist with mop up operations and contingency lines built outside of the fire perimeter are being fortified.

Crews are facing hazards in the area such as snags and poison oak.

Residents living in the 6,000 block of Copco Road south to the Oregon border are now under a Level One Evacuation reduced from a level two. Residents in Jackson County in the 11,000 through 22,000 block of Highway 66 remain in a Level One Evacuation.

In Klamath County, the John C. Boyle Dam to the California border has dropped from a Level Two Evacuation to a level one. Roadblocks are still placed at Topsy Grade Road and the John C. Boyle Dam.

All evacuations have been lifted in Siskiyou County.

1,720 firefighters continue to fight this fire.
Posted on 8/7/14 5:38AM by Jared Dill