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Council Approves Amending Development Code & Pass Resolutions Creating an Urban Renewal Task Force and Adopting an Emergency Plan
Provisions relating to the Urban Reserve Code were repealed from the City’s Development Code at Wednesday night’s City Council Meeting in Council Chambers.

Those provisions were for lands within the UGB, intended as a holding zone for lands prior to other zoning designations. There are no properties with this designation and it is believed having the designation would cause confusion. The vote was unanimous from a full council.

The council then approved a resolution creating an urban renewal task force to advise council on the formation of an Urban Renewal Agency using tax increment financing to generate funds to deal with urban blight and create economic prosperity.

The task force will have seven members, no fewer than two representatives from the business community and at least three residential members.

The task force will be charged with preparing a study of the feasibility of an agency, creating an urban renewal plan and submitting a formal report addressing the Oregon Revised Statutes that must be met.

The council also adopted the proposed Emergency Operations Plan describing how the city will organize and respond to emergencies and disasters in the area.

Public Works Director Terry Haugen responded to two citizens who maintained Grants Pass water was not safe, in particular referring to arsenic, by pointing out regular tests of the drinking water had never had an arsenic reading above accepted levels. He also said in response to their concerns samples were taken Wednesday and the results should be available in five days.
Posted on 8/6/14 8:15PM by Chuck Benson