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Commissioners move signing of sale paperwork for land in the North Valley Industrial Park to the next business session
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Weekly Business Session moved a proposed signing of a contract for the sale of county land in the North Valley Industrial Park to the next Weekly Business Session.

Commissioner Simon Hare brought up the proposal during other matters because paperwork for the sale, which has not changed since the last review by the commissioners, was due in this morning for their signature but it had not arrived and he wanted to expedite the purchase process by confirming a vote now. Commissioner Keith Heck said he did not feel comfortable voting on the signature now without the contract in hand. Commissioner Cherryl Walker suggested that a vote take place during the Thursday Administrative Meeting but Hare said it could be put to a vote during next week’s Weekly Business Session and all three commissioners agreed on that proposal.

The commissioners also approved minutes for various meetings that occurred over the past month.
Posted on 7/30/14 11:35AM by Jared Dill