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Medford Parks Cooperating in Herbicide Overspray Investigation
The Medford City Parks personnel sprayed a herbicide known as Garlon 4 along Lazy Creek, a tributary of Bear Creek, around July 9th & 10th in an effort to control blackberry bushes. The goal was to improve safety by eliminating areas for transients to camp along the creek.

Homeowners in the Greenbrook Drive area say that overspray killed their landscaping, including a 37-year-old, 50 foot long wisteria hedge and are concerned about lingering effects of the chemical.

An investigator from the Oregon Department of Agriculture collected soil samples and interviewed property owners on Monday.

Parks maintenance supervisor Tim Stevens sympathized with neighbors and stated the city had not previously had an instance of overspray, for which state law has a zero tolerance policy.

City officials are cooperating with the investigation and hope to find a resolution for the property owners if the city is found to be at fault.
Posted on 7/23/14 10:12AM by Chuck Benson