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Plea Deal Gets Medford Man 75 Months in Prison
John Troy Lopes, 51, was sentenced Friday to 75 months in prison for a guilty plea to a second degree manslaughter charge in the beating death of Charles Ward Puzak, 61, last September.

Puzak was one of several people with whom Lopes shared his home with. The pair had drunk several beers and Lopes had used methamphetamine before they got into an early morning fight over the way Puzak had spoken to Lopes’ girlfriend.

Witnesses said Lopes attacked Puzak, punching and kicking him 10 to 15 times before dragging him outside and stomping him on the curb. The assault occurred on September 15th and Puzak’s condition worsened until he died on October 10th.

Prosecutors agreed Friday to drop the more serious 1st degree manslaughter charge and two felony assault charges in exchange for the guilty plea. 1st degree manslaughter would have drawn a mandatory 10 year sentence.
Posted on 7/12/14 5:50AM by Chuck Benson